Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cosplay Eye Make-up

Cosplayin', I Will! 

I am attending our company's Cosplay-themed Christmas party and I am kinda excited and a bit worried. I only have six days and I haven't figured out what look I want to create or what character  I would be in the party. Yes, I know, I could be anything or anyone I want to be, because it is, in the first place, a Cosplay party! But my ultimate concerns are that I don't have enough resources, not enough time, and not enough ideas. 

As much as I want to be kawaii, I could not be a Japanese school-girl again as I have done that before. I know for sure that the party will be flooded with girls looking like ulzzangs or harajuku girls, Leia, Sailor Moon, Han Solo, Bella, Hatsune Miku, and a lot more popular characters from anime, movies, comics, and television. The party will be a sea of superheroes, robots, aliens, and Little Miss Ponies. Now you understand why I am so excited!

My friend Gabby, who is so used to attending cosplays, said he will have lend me a two-piece black tube top and skirt ensemble embellished with feathers. I haven't seen the costume yet but he said the skirt and tube top are form-hugging. My look will definitely NOT be cute but fierce and sexy. I could be a goddess or someone's nemesis, I have no idea! Knowing myself, I know my creative juices will start flowing when I have to beat the time (6 days ain't beating the time yet?). I will be posting my pictures at the party so you would see my final look.

My Goddess Eye Make-up 

I created this goddess-inspired eye make-up which I know will go well with the costume I will be wearing. I used dark blue eyeshadow for my eyebrows, placed false eyelashes on the crease of my eyelids to create bigger eyes, created double-winged eyeliners, and used loads and loads of maskara on my upper and lower eyelashes to make my eyes look more animated. I placed three slanted lines near the lower wing and three dots at the bottom of the lower eyelashes to make my bottom eyelashes look longer and put white eyeshadow on my lower lids to create bigger eyes. Think big, at least for your eyes!!! ; p ayapowers

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