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Do you ever feel like the back-up friend? The one that they hit up when everybody else bails out on them. The one they hit up only when they need something. The one they hit up when nobody else wants to talk. Always the back-up, never the first priority? Yeah, it sucks.

The Most Beautiful Thing is When You're True to Yourself

I have always advocated that love knowsno gender. 
Not everyone understands and accepts this.
Some are being ridiculed and bullied and some have become subjects of gossips, discrimination, and threats.
I am all for love. I am all for everyone's individuality.

Take care.
Lots of love, Aya

Keep Calm photo from

Nobody's Perfect by Jessie J

Jessie J is so phenomenal and is really inspiring. 

The Ten-Minute Challenge: Can You Survive Afro Circus?

One of my fave Youtubers and bloggersTyler Oakley barely survived watching the most annoying thing ever on the internet which is a ten-minute video gone viral showing Marty the Zebra(voiced by Chris Rock) singing the Afro Circus and dancing to it repeatedly! Taking Tyler's cue, I watched the Afro Circus and I thought I was gonna die three minutes to the video but I ended memorizing the dance steps. It is still ringing in my head and it does not want to effing go away!! 
This is something I would not wish even for my worst enemies or haters to watch. Cruel, the video is. :P
Watch this at your own risk:  Circus Afro 10 Minute Challenge:

From the movie: Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

I could say that the best part of the video is when it ended. 

dadadadadadadada circus
dadadadadadadada afro circus afro circus afro Polkadot Polkadot Polkadot  Afro
And here is Tyler doing the challenge: 

Haha. Such a pity.

Saw the video? Let me know if you survived. 

This is crazy! x…

Kurt Sings "I Have Nothing" to Blaine in Glee :( Sad.

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Miley Cyrus Visits Liam Hemsworth in New Orleans

Happy Dog :)

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label gown

Just Believe

Sparkles All Over

A Lemon Is A Lemon Is A Lemon But This Isn't

A Lemon Is A Lemon Is A Lemon But This Isn't by ayapowers featuring a pleated skirt

When do you say it's too much? It's raining here since yesterday so this is exactly what I need -- some bright colors and more! Love yourself, love life. - Aya


Laidback Doesn't Have To Be Boring


WEAR WHO YOU ARE by ayapowers featuring clutch handbags Your clothes do not define you but your personal style does. So wear who you are.

For the love of creativity, fun, style, expression, and of love -- Aya


<p><a href=''>View this collection on Polyvore</a></p> RING-ing by ayapowers on

An accessory or jewelry can make or break an outfit and it would not hurt if you wear the right pieces WITH the right pieces.

Featured in this Collection: RINGS

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