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What's In My Make-Up Purse?

The stuff I use change all the time. I sometimes switch my hydrating products and moisturizers, concealers, brushes, and foundation, switching them on days depending on the need. And because I have the worst skin ever, thanks to pimples and the marks they leave, I need products that not just do the job in highlighting my facial features, covering my marks, but are also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. 
As I write this (emphasis placed), these are the go-to products which are (in)conveniently tucked inside my little redEstee Lauder make-up purse. I also carry along a make-up organizer where I place my other make-up brushes, make-up palettes, make-up remover and gel soap, and other moisturizers.

Just like any other girls or women, I constantly change what I put inside my purse, depending on the availability or need.
And so right now, these are what you will see inside my make-up purse ---Moisturizer: Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture CremeI have used many  Estee Lauder produ…

Merry Christmas to All of Us!

Red Christmas Card Vector Graphic (clipped to

I wish everyone good health, lots of gifts, and lotsa love this Christmas and every day. Love, ayapowers

Ring Party

(clipped to

Beauty Report: Brush Basics

Get the look :Beyonce

Cosplay 2012 and My DIY Costume

It was the day of our company's COSPLAY party and I still did not have anything to wear. I had second thoughts of going but I had promised my friend that I am going to join him, ergo, I had to go. A day before the cosplay, my other friend Gabby who was supposed to lend mwe a Lara Croft ensemble told me he forgot the costume. Oh, man, what would I do? And so when I've gone home that day, I scoured through my wardrobe and found my  and suddenly got an idea. I decided I would be a goddesswarrior just like Scatach or Artemis. 

My see-through gold INK dress is embellished with crystals, beads,  and pearls.  I purchased nude tube top and fit-hugging shorts and wore them underneath the dress. To create my goddess temple band, I used a gold link headband, removed the strap, and clipped the ends of the gold chain to my hair. I wore a pair of beaded gold shoes with brown lace straps that go all the way up to my knees. When I saw I saw a cut bamboo and two loose parts of a TV antenna, and…

Recent Pix: 11/29/12

Ayapowers ;p

Cosplay Eye Make-up

Cosplayin', I Will! I am attending our company's Cosplay-themed Christmas party and I am kinda excited and a bit worried. I only have six days and I haven't figured out what look I want to create or what character  I would be in the party. Yes, I know, I could be anything or anyone I want to be, because it is, in the first place, a Cosplay party! But my ultimate concerns are that I don't have enough resources, not enough time, and not enough ideas. 
As much as I want to be kawaii, I could not be a Japanese school-girl again as I have done that before. I know for sure that the party will be flooded with girls looking like ulzzangs or harajuku girls, Leia, Sailor Moon, Han Solo, Bella, Hatsune Miku, and a lot more popular characters from anime, movies, comics, and television. The party will be a sea of superheroes, robots, aliens, and Little Miss Ponies. Now you understand why I am so excited!
My friend Gabby, who is so used to attending cosplays, said he will have lend me…

Need Instant Hydration? Clarins HydraQuench Bi-Serum (Anti-Soif) Is The Answer

Clarins HydraQuench Bi-Serum (Anti-Soif)I have the worst skin you'd ever see in your lifetime due to pimples and pimple marks so I should be more aware and careful of what I use on my skin. I work all-night long five days a week and my skins gets all the beating. My oily skin still gets dehydrated on certain parts of the day and there are times that I need instant hydration. And that is when Clarins HydraQuench Bi-Serum (Anti-Soif) comes to the picture.
Clarins HydraQuench Bi-Serum (Anti-Soif) helps minimize the enlarged pores, calms down the skin, and keeps it hydrated for 3-4 hours, in my experience, the least. I like the feeling it gives when I spray it on my skin and my skin suddenly feels dewy. Its scent is not that strong either. I have a lot of other moisturizers and serums that I use but Clarins HydraQuench Bi-Serum (Anti-Soif) is my lifesaver when I have I little time to do my make-up. I just spray it on my face, use my fingers to spread the product, and let it dry for abo…

Aya Says Thank You

I want to say thanks to all those who followed me and who viewed this blog. It still amazes me to see viewers and followers coming from all parts of the world. This inspires me a lot in posting more of my product reviews, styleboards, and fashion finds. 
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Charlotte Ronson Takes Your Look From Casual to Dressy

How-to: Cat-eye

Big thanks to Maria Batsiou from Greece for creating this Cat-Eye DIY and allowing me to post her creation here!!

How-to: Cat-eye by batsoulini featuring a waterproof eye liner

Street Style Inspiration This Week ---

House of Harlow 1960 earrings

Sagittarius? Here's a pair of earrings you might want to have. 
House of Harlow 1960 earrings (see more house of harlow 1960s)

Mix and Match