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What's In My Make-Up Purse?

The stuff I use change all the time. I sometimes switch my hydrating products and moisturizers, concealers, brushes, and foundation, switching them on days depending on the need. And because I have the worst skin ever, thanks to pimples and the marks they leave, I need products that not just do the job in highlighting my facial features, covering my marks, but are also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. 
As I write this (emphasis placed), these are the go-to products which are (in)conveniently tucked inside my little redEstee Lauder make-up purse. I also carry along a make-up organizer where I place my other make-up brushes, make-up palettes, make-up remover and gel soap, and other moisturizers.

Just like any other girls or women, I constantly change what I put inside my purse, depending on the availability or need.
And so right now, these are what you will see inside my make-up purse ---Moisturizer: Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture CremeI have used many  Estee Lauder produ…

Merry Christmas to All of Us!

Red Christmas Card Vector Graphic (clipped to

I wish everyone good health, lots of gifts, and lotsa love this Christmas and every day. Love, ayapowers

Ring Party

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Beauty Report: Brush Basics

Get the look :Beyonce

Cosplay 2012 and My DIY Costume

It was the day of our company's COSPLAY party and I still did not have anything to wear. I had second thoughts of going but I had promised my friend that I am going to join him, ergo, I had to go. A day before the cosplay, my other friend Gabby who was supposed to lend mwe a Lara Croft ensemble told me he forgot the costume. Oh, man, what would I do? And so when I've gone home that day, I scoured through my wardrobe and found my  and suddenly got an idea. I decided I would be a goddesswarrior just like Scatach or Artemis. 

My see-through gold INK dress is embellished with crystals, beads,  and pearls.  I purchased nude tube top and fit-hugging shorts and wore them underneath the dress. To create my goddess temple band, I used a gold link headband, removed the strap, and clipped the ends of the gold chain to my hair. I wore a pair of beaded gold shoes with brown lace straps that go all the way up to my knees. When I saw I saw a cut bamboo and two loose parts of a TV antenna, and…

Recent Pix: 11/29/12

Ayapowers ;p

Cosplay Eye Make-up

Cosplayin', I Will! I am attending our company's Cosplay-themed Christmas party and I am kinda excited and a bit worried. I only have six days and I haven't figured out what look I want to create or what character  I would be in the party. Yes, I know, I could be anything or anyone I want to be, because it is, in the first place, a Cosplay party! But my ultimate concerns are that I don't have enough resources, not enough time, and not enough ideas. 
As much as I want to be kawaii, I could not be a Japanese school-girl again as I have done that before. I know for sure that the party will be flooded with girls looking like ulzzangs or harajuku girls, Leia, Sailor Moon, Han Solo, Bella, Hatsune Miku, and a lot more popular characters from anime, movies, comics, and television. The party will be a sea of superheroes, robots, aliens, and Little Miss Ponies. Now you understand why I am so excited!
My friend Gabby, who is so used to attending cosplays, said he will have lend me…