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Nautical T-Shirt Fringe Necklace

I recently made a t-shirt necklace and I had fun doing it. I embellished it with charms, and charms. This will be a part of my new necklace collection.

Check out my designs on Instagram. Follow Keep your Sparkle by Ayapowers  @kysparkleshop.

Much love,
Aya Lacuarta

Instagram Launches Its Video Feature

If you are an Instagram user, you would have noticed the update notice stating that Instagram now has its video feature. It allows users to post and share not just photos but even videos! It is a shorter version of Keek and Youtube as the videos could only be up to 15 seconds.

I tried it out earlier. It is easy to use. I just had to press the camera button longer to create videos. It also allowed me to pause and start from where I left off to continue on my video. I uploaded two videos earlier but have deleted both.

The first video I uploaded had me speaking in slow pace. The second video was the same but it was cut mid-part. I searched for other users' videos but found their videos all perfectly good. I am now wondering what I did wrong or could have done to have my videos be posted as how they were created. I will create a new video and will update y'all. This is so exciting!

I tried it again on my Instagram account  @kysparkleshop. The voice in the video is slower t…