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Spicy Food Quick Fix at Kimchi

I have a love and hate relationship with spicy food. There are times when I crave for just about anything spicy but when i get to eat one, I would just give up after the food hit my tolerance level. 

And in those times when I kinda salivate for it, I go to any Korean restaurant to get the quick fix.

There are numerous restaurants which specialize in Korean food that are still open in the wee hours of the morning. I get off from work usually at one in the morning and I go to any of the three Korean restaurants nearest to my office. My choices are always Oppa, Yisan, and Kimchi and these are all in and or near Walking Street which is just outside Clark here in Pampanga. The three restos offer just about the same menu and they just differ in the quality and taste of the food and in the ambiance or vibe of their places.

I have just recently eaten at Kimchi with a few of my friends. Kimchi is a 4-storey restaurant and bar. The first two floors are where there actual restaurant is. The thir…