Thursday, February 19, 2015

LA Girl Pro Conceal Review: Just Exactly Perfect

I just found for myself a perfect go-to concealer which is not exactly expensive yet gives the medium coverage I ever wanted. I bought the Pure Beige shade and the color matches my skin upon application. The product comes in a small tube that would probably last one month of regular use.

The LA Girl Pro Conceal HD is easy to apply -- just squeeze the tube and out comes the product from the brush attached to the tube. I sometimes use the brush to spread the concealer on my face but often just use my index ring finger to properly apply and cover my acne scars and blemishes. 

It is non-greasy and does crease. I apply it as I use the LA Girl CC cream and then top it with the pressed powder from the same brand. I only re-apply after half a day and before leaving work for home. 

Beauty SCORES:
* Bad, bad
**Good enough
*** Lovin' it
****OMG. This is perfect.
*****Nothing gets this score. Seriously.

LA Girl HD Pro Conceal gets a ****! I am so LOVIN' IT!!!

-- Ayapowers

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