Sunday, November 18, 2012

Geekpowers: Flipboard --Flippin' Through Pages of Social Media

Flipboard is my absolute current fave IPod app. I can link all other social media such as Tumblr, Google+, Facebook, and Soundcloud and add other links which are of my interest such as the websites of Michelle Phan, The Zoe Report, CNN, etc. From the name itself, each interest has its own window and all you need to do is to flip the pages. It is the most interactive and most ingenuous app ever created so far!
I can also select pages of some sites which I want to highlight. I have a friend in Facebook whose wall posts I’ve added to Flipboard so I can easily see his posts and just his posts on his Flipboard window. It is such a breeze to be able to create a window that will show tweets mentioning me. Flipboard does that and can do more!! Flipboard is the ultimate app and the best ever. xoxo ayapowers

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