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Clinique Maskara Review : Clinique Naturally Glossy Maskara , Clinique High Definition Lashes, Clinique High Lengths Maskara, and Clinique Lash Doubling Maskara

My Clinique Maskara Stash

by Ayapowers

I have big, almond eyes and what I need is to just emphasize them to make them seem even bigger. I play around with my eye make-up at times but no matter what look I want to have on certain days, maskara always plays a big role.

Just like everyone else, I also had my nightmarish encounters with maskaras. How about it's just  midday and you're already looking like a panda?

I kinda perfected putting on fake eyelashes, thanks to Youtube make-up guru Michelle Phan, and as inspired by Kim K and the Jersey Shore girls.  Being the timebeater me, I cannot do it everyday for work. So I'd always come back to maskaras that can do the job with my 10-minute daily make-up routine!

Alright, so what maskaras do I recommend or currently use? But let me tell you first, I use two to three different maskaras at a time to create long and thick eyelashes just like having the fakeys.

Clinique Naturally Glossy Maskara 

This maskara has gel-based formula which keeps the eyelashes silky. It is also smudge-proof. This is what I call my basic maskara and I use when I want the au naturel look as it is not that thick and does not clump. This is also the first maskara I put on in my long-and thick-eyelashes routine.

I usually use three coats to create the definition I wanted for my eyelashes. This maskara does not lengthen nor thicken but this creates the most natural looking eyelashes.

The Clinique Naturally Glossy Maskara I am currently using comes with the Clinique Glosswear for Lips.

Clinique High Definition Lashes

This maskara did not win Allure Editors Choice Award for nothing. Sad to say, I just recently found out about it but am happy to have it now. I like the two-sided wand with one side that aims to give length and other side of the brush to give definition. Want to make your eyes pop? This, my friend, is the answer. 

It does not smudge nor clump. It only takes one's patience to perfect using the applicator because of it having a two-sided brush which makes it bulky, it tends to touch the upper eyelid especially when you have shaky hands. 

It is also so easy to remove the product off my eyelashes. My Cetaphil Toner does the job in removing the residue but water can also be just good. But with whatever product you use to the eye area, you should always not be heavy-handed in your application as the skin in the eye area is sensitive. You don't want crow feet early in your years, right? I don't. 

This is the second maskara I use after using Clinique Naturally Glossy Maskara to create the fake eyelashes look.

Clinique High Lengths Maskara 

I fell in love with the cute green willow applicator the first I saw it. The long and thin curved brush separates the lashes, reaches the lashes that normal applicators don't, and builds up volume. This is perfect for the bottom eyelashes because its applicator will not touch the skin underneath. It coats each lash individually and nothing is ever spared. 

The only downside to the product is that is smudges easily but this is still manageable.  Overall, this is a brilliant product. I am overly pleased with it and glad to have discovered another great product from Clinique. 

Clinique Lash Doubling Maskara

Want maximum volume on your eyelashes? Clinique Lash Doubling Maskara has that for you and more! If you have to buy just one maskara, I say this should be it or the Clinique High Definition Lashes. If Kim K or Twiggy were to use drugstore products, this must be the first ones they'd buy. 

The wand is loaded with product already so no need to double dip. From the name itself, this product gives double volume, double length, and double thickness.

Not a perfect product though as it tends to give you panda eyes if you sweat or when you wash your face, so you'd better check yourself in the mirror once so often. This is not the maskara to wear at the beach, gym, or on all-night partying because of its tendency to smudge. 

This is still a must-buy and a must-have for me as this is a product I can use everyday. 

There are tons of products in the market that you can choose from. I also love Maybelline, Cover Girl, and Elizabeth Arden maskaras, just wait for my next reviews. ;p 

Whatever brand of maskara you choose, always be guided with the effect you want for you lashes and ask yourself these questions --

* Does it lengthen my lashes?
* Does it thicken my lashes?
* Does it add volume?
* Does it clump, clot, and smudge?
* Does it fit my budget?
* It is safe to use for sensitive eyes and for contacts-wearer? It is opthalmologist-tested? 

Do not buy products from fake brands. There are less expensive alternatives that carry their own brands but could still give you the same effect as the known brands. 
                                                                                                    **My fake eyelashes ;p**

**The Clinique products in this review were personally procured. I am not affiliated with Clinique or any of the brands listed above. I am not being paid for my reviews and all opinions are my own personal opinions. -- Ayapowers

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