Friday, June 29, 2012

In Search for the Perfect LBT

The Little Black Dress -- A Must-Have

Every girl or woman needs a black dress. That's the rule that no one, I mean, no one should deviate from. Who put up the rule? I've got no clue but it's fun abiding by it. It is one of the basic clothing articles that should be found in one's closet. 

The question is: do I have one? Uh-oh. Please don't call the fashion police.

I am now in the process of scouring for one, or two. Yeah, I had black dresses before, some of which have been discarded, while others died a natural death.

In the hope of finding that perfect black dress to add up to my wardrobe, I selected three dresses, which I am not necessarily buying (blame my location), as inspiration or samples of what style should I buy or what kind should I look for when I shop.

First love: Margaux Lace Dress - Evita, is that you? Being an Evita-holic, I chose this dress because it reminds of the type of dresses that Madonna wore in the movie Evita. It is sexy, yes, but it still exudes power. It says "look at me, I am beautiful" but then again it also says "be careful, I am not who you think I am" kind of thing. 

Second place: a dress from - This dress is so Audrey Hepburn. Classic and sophisticated. It is something that you can wear over and over again without being noticed that you did since you can accessorize it. You put over a coat one day, and a shawl the week after, and so on. 

Third choice: Twilight Dress - This is what I call the "Date Dress." It is not too showy but it is still sexy. It will not show too much of your skin but still hugs on the body and shows your curves. All you need is man and you're good to go.

But I will not stop with these three dresses. There are more, I know, a hundred more variations. This is so exciting! The search is not over ‘til it's over. <3 Thanks for reading my post! => ayapowers

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